Attendance and Salary Software (Installation)

Posted on Aug 28, 2017
Posted by website administrator

Steps to do at main node
  • Click here to check MY SQL is installed ? If YES, then skip installing XAMPP, else do install.
  • Open MY SQL by clicking here
    • Create database db_att_pay
    • By import tab, execute import tab.sql script
    • By sql tab, execute sql tab.sql script (means by opening in notepad, copy, then paste in editor)
  • Install
    • setup.exe
    • framework 4.5.1
    • setup-extension.exe
    • setup-extension-2.exe
    • 5 add ons ( MY SQL Connector in Last ) ( If face functionality not required, then don't install vc-redist.x86 (VC++ 2015) )
    • NOTE : For "Face" functionality to work in Windows 7, SP2 must be installed document
  • Go to C:\ProgramData\
  • By sql tab, execute all checkpoint scripts from 52 one by one
  • Download Update (Latest) via UTILITY, then extract files from update.rar, then in last, just click UPDATE.
  • Create folder named Back Up Attendance N Salary in D drive ( if to set at any other location; then update folder path in )
    • Backup.bat located in FILES folder
  • Open Salary/Pagaar.exe as an administrator => Help Menu => Install Software Service
Database Settings at main node to run on LAN
LAN Settings at main node (if to run software on multiple computers)
Steps to run software at shortcut node
Steps to add shortcut in Startup folder
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